About us



Table Officers

    • President: Mike Eckert – EMail Mike
    • First Vice President (COK): Shannon Parsons – EMail Shannon
    • Second Vice President (H&CCSS): Patsy Ruigrok – Email Patsy
    • Secretary – Treasurer – James Hilborn – Email James
    • Recording Secretary: Siobhan Delaney – EMail Siobhan
    • Grievance Chair (COK): Charles Zeidelr – Email Charles
    • Grievance Chair (H&CCSS): Pat Jones – Email Pat
    • Grievance / Membership Support Officer (WSIB / Back to Work / Accommodations): Catherine Valente – Email Catherine

Members at Large

WSIB / Back to Work / Accommodations

Membership Officer

  • Lynann McNulty

Health and Safety

    • Laura Anderson


    • Michele Boegli
    • Julie Kalbfleisch



Bargaining Committee COK

Mike Eckert email Mike, Shannon Thomson email Shannon,

Trevor Botting, Catherine Valente & Jeff Leslie.

What We Do

CUPE Local 791 has been around for over 50 years.

The initial executives of both the Association and Local 791 paved a path for all of us to ensure that we negotiate fair collective agreements. In the years since its inception, Local 791 has made many gains for employees. Fair wages for women, a successful job evaluation system, sick leave, vacation entitlements, bereavement leave, benefits for healthcare etc…

Everything that you read in your collective agreement was negotiated by your union throughout the years. Some things are new and others are continuously renewed into new agreements.

Local 791 prides itself as being a strong voice for all members at conventions both Provincially and Nationally.