March General Membership Meeting

Thank you to all the members whom attended out March GMM. We held elections for the newly created role of Grievance – Membership Support Officer. This new position in centered around assisting CUPE 791 members with the challenges of WSIB claims, return to work planning, workplace accommodations, short / long term disability claims. This role was previously the unofficial duties of our Member at Large – Catherine Valente. The Executes are thrilled that she accepted the nomination and was officially acclaimed in to the position at our meeting. Congratulation to Catherine. CUPE 791 members could not have a better representative for that vital new role.
I would also personally like to thank Shannon Thomson our Vice President for Chairing our GMM Tuesday night. She did great and it’s good practice, as one day she will be the President of this Union.

In Solidarity,

Mike Eckert
President CUPE 791

Updated CUPE 791 Bylaws

I’m happy to advise that revised CUPE 791 bylaws were presented and voted on by membership at the January GMM. The vote was unanimous. A lot of the changes are clerical in nature due to virtual meetings and name changes. We have added a new Executive position – Grievance / Membership Support Officer who will be there to support members with WSIB, Return to work, Work Accommodations, STD/LTD. Out of pocket amounts were also changed, some new benefits for retirees with 10 years of membership and for members having babies. The bylaws now need to be submitted to CUPE National for approval but they have been enacted in the mean time.

CUPE Bylaws 2021 Final Edits (1)

Mike Eckert
President CUPE 791

Seasons Greetings from CUPE 791 Executives

Another holiday season is quickly upon us. 2021 has been a very challenging year, not only for our members but the country as a whole. We do have a lot to be proud of in the last year. Our members have stayed strong and continued to serve our citizens during one of the most difficult times that our membership has ever faced.
We secured a hard fought 4 year contract with the City of Kitchener where we have been able to secure maternity and parental top up for our members and also vacation improvement among many increases in our monetary benefits. WWHCCSS will be in negotiations in 2022 and we wish them all the success they disserve. We have unfortunately lost some members over the last year at the Home and Community Care Support Services Waterloo Wellington but that fight is far from over.
We have successfully transitioned to online meetings over COVID and have over doubled our membership participation at those meetings which can only strengthen us. We passed our 2022 budget at the last GMM and proposed updates to our bylaws that will further support our members in 2022.
We unfortunately were unbale to hold our annual Holiday Party this year due to COVID but we did pivot again and had a very successful Holiday Gift Card giveaway. Thanks to the members who assisted on those 4 days.

We want to send our warmest holiday greeting to all of our CUPE791 members and their families and we look forward to 2022 where we will continue to fight for and support our members.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 791 Executives

CUPE 791 – City of Kitchener – Contract Ratification

On Wednesday Oct 27th we held our ratification meeting and vote over zoom. We want to thank all of our members whom attended. Over 120 members attended the meeting and overwhelmingly approved the contract that the bargaining committee negotiated. The City of Kitchener has their ratification vote on November 22nd.

Special thanks to all the members of the Bargaining Committee and their absolute dedicated commitment to CUPE 791 members and the shared goal of always bargaining forward. (Shannon Thomson, Marc Hilker, Catherine Valente, Trevor Botting, Jeff Leslie and our National Rep Bev Newman.)

In Solidarity,

Mike Eckert
President CUPE 791

June General Membership Meeting

Thank you to the 39 members whom attended our June general membership meeting. Every June we have elections. Congratulations to all our current Executives who were acclaimed and to our Executives who are taking on new roles. Without these members stepping up our union wouldn’t be able to function.

The following are the elected / acclaimed members from last nights election.

President – Mike Eckert, H&CCSS VP – Patsy Ruigrok, City Grievance Chair – Debra Schiedel, H&CCSS Members at Large – Pat Jones, James Hilborn , Recording Secretary – Siobhan Delaney, City Member at Large – Marc Hilker.

Hope everyone has a safe summer and see everyone at our next  GMM  September 14, 2021.

February General Membership Meeting

We had over 30 members attend our virtual online GMM last night which is great. Both the LHIN and City of Kitchener will be in negotiation this year. For City of Kitchener members a survey for bargaining will be sent out this week to members who have given us their personal email, so please look out for that.

Congrats to the 5 members who won our monthly draw at our meeting. Hope to see you all and more at the next general membership meeting March 9th.

In Solidarity.

CUPE 791 Executives

December GMM / Christmas Party Alternative

Thank you to all whom attended our GMM last night. We had over 30 members attend and were able to pass our budget for 2021.Hoping 2021 is nothing like 2020. We also passed a motion for Temporary CUPE 791 members to begin attending our GMM’s so it would be nice see a few in January.

Reminder about the Christmas Party alternative on the 9th, 10th, 14th, & 15th 11:00am-6:00pm. Emails did go out to all members with the particulars.

We hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Holidays and we will see you in January.

In Solidarity.

CUPE 791 Executives

October GMM – Elections

Thank you to all the members who participated in our virtual GMM last night. We were able to conduct our elections that had been delayed due to COVID since June.

The following are the the members whom accepted the positions:


VP City – Shannon Thomson

Treasurer  – Scott Gibson

LHIN Grievance Chair – Aimee Prouxl

Membership Officer – Lynann McNulty

Members at Large – Catherine Valente

                                    – Debra Schiedel

                                     – James Hilborn

                                    – Pat Jones

Trustees  – Michele Boegli -3yr

                 – James Hilborn – 2yr

Thank you to all whom accepted the nomination and the positions. Without members stepping up this union could not function. Best of luck on your positions.


Mike Eckert

President, CUPE 791

September GMM

We had our 1st Zoom GMM on Tuesday Sept 29th. 28 members attended which was great. There were a few technical hiccups but we managed to get through them with a few laughs.
Nominations for our elections did occur at the meeting. Elections were scheduled in June but due to COVID they were delayed. Cupe National did agree to let us postpone them but we now need to have the elections at our October GMM. Nominations can still be made at the meeting before elections begin.
Hope to see everyone there.

In Solidarity,

Mike Eckert

President, CUPE 791