October – General Membership Meeting

We held elections at our membership meeting on Tuesday night. Congratulations to Aimee Proulx for being acclaimed for LHIN grievance chair and to Lynann McNulty for being acclaimed for Membership Officer.  We thank both of you for accepting these roles and the responsibilities that come with them.

Siobhan Delaney has stepped down for 4 months from her role as Recording Secretary and a motion was passed by the membership to hold her position with the executive for the duration of her non union temp position that she has accepted.

Thank you to Mona Bauman for stepping in at the meeting and taking over Siobhan duties.

Our $1000 donation this month is going to the Food Bank.

Hope to see everyone at the next GMM on November 12th, we should be presenting our budget for 2021.


September – General Membership Meeting

Thanks to everyone whom attended our meeting  (Sept  10, 2019). Unfortunately at the start of our meeting we only had 12 members attending (including executives) which is quorum. Had we had less than 12 members we would have had to cancel the meeting. A motion was put on the floor to try to increase membership attendance to our general membership meeting and it passed. More info to follow but that passed motion will begin at the January membership meeting.

Some members might not be aware that our union donates $1000 a month to a local charity which is voted on at our meetings. Last month we donated to Lisaard house. http://lisaardandinnisfree.com . They were very appreciative of our unions gift. We are proud that our members have chosen to make such a positive contribution to our community every month.

We will be holding elections at our October GMM for Grievance chair for the LHIN and for Membership Officer.


We know summer isn’t even over, and Halloween is still on the way but we want everyone to save the date for our annual CUPE 791 Christmas / Holiday Party that is scheduled for Nov 16, 2019. We had a record turnout of 791 members and guests last year and would love to see more this year,

More info to follow shorty.


June – General Membership Meeting

We had our best membership turnout of the year on Tuesday’s June GMM. Thank you to all who were able to attend and participated in the elections. It was a long meetings but productive and all the execs appreciate the members who continually make the effort to attend so we can have our meetings.

Below are the results of  our Elections, we have a few new executives and some executives in new roles.

  • President of Cupe 791 – Mike Eckert – acclaimed
  • VP LHIN – Patsy Ruigrok – acclaimed
  • Grievance Chair (COK) – Marc Hilker – elected
  • Recording Secretary – Siobhan Delaney – acclaimed
  • Treasurer – Scott Gibson – acclaimed
  • Trustee – vacant
  • Stewards – Brigit Loveday, Lynann McNulty

All the Cupe local 791 executives would like to thank Luanne Geisel for all her dedicated work to our local as our Treasurer for the last several years. Luanne has offered to train our new Treasurer Scott Gibson – he has a  tough act to follow.

We do not have general membership meeting in the summer so hope to see everyone at the next GMM in September.


Nomination Received for June GMM Elections

President – Mike Eckert,
VP LHIN – Aimee Proux, Patsy Ruigrok & Dale Hanke
Grievance Chair (COK) – Mona Bauman, Marc Hilker
Member at Large (LHIN) – Nadine Bell, Janet Camera, Pat Jones, Alison Baxter
Recording Secretary – Siobhan Delaney, Alison Baxter
Treasurer – Janet Camera, Nadine Bell, Scott Gibson
Trustee – Michelle Boegli, Laura Anderson
Stewards – Brigit Loveday, Michele Boegli, Marc Hilker, Lynann McNulty, Laura Anderson
Returning Officer – Maureen Manning


Thank you to all whom attended the May GMM.

At the meeting nominations were accepted for the June elections for the following positions: President, WWLHIN Vice President, Grievance Chair COK, WWLHIN Member at Large, Recording Secretary, Trustee and Stewards. Nominations will still be accepted at the June GMM before the scheduled elections..

We will also be voting of the trustee recommendations from the last audit at the next GMM on June 11th.


We had a good turn out for our meeting tonight. Thank you to all whom attended.

Congratulations to Shannon Parsons who was elected as our new Vice President (COK). We now have an opening for Grievance Chair (COK). Shannon has agreed to continue  to assist with grievance duties until a new Grievance Chair is elected.

We will be taking nominations at the May GMM for Grievance Chair (COK) as well as for President, WWLHIN – Vice President, Member at Large for WWLHIN and  Recording Secretary for elections taking place at the June GMM.

Health and Safety Reps

We are in need of at least 2 new  Health and Safety Reps at City Hall. At least one will need to get certified at no cost to the member.

Inspections are done EVERY month and take 1/2 to 1 day to complete (depends on how many assisting)

Every other month there is a meeting in the afternoon that you would be required to attend.

Training will be made available and reps have the opportunity to attend union schools, and a Health and Safety Conference in the fall

If a member is interested please contact an Executive or Scott Gibson for more information. It is the Unions obligation to have Health and Safety reps available so we do hope we can get some members who would be willing to assist.

Thank you in advance,

CUPE Local 791 Executives