Special Membership Meeting

We want to thank everyone whom attended our Special Membership Meeting where we presented our bargaining proposal for COK members on Feb 12th. It ended up being a later night than most expected but we did get a lot accomplished and want to say a special thanks to all the members that made motions on the floor to make changes to the proposal. That’s how it’s suppose to work –  the Bargaining committee is working for the members and if they want to make changes then we do what the majority of members want.
We will try to keep members as up to date as we can during the bargaining process.

Thank you,

The Bargaining Committee

COK Bargaining Proposal Meeting

Hello everyone,

We have decided to cancel our General Membership meeting in February and will having a special membership meeting where we will only be discussing our Bargaining Proposal and voting on it.

We had a great response to our survey – 275 responses, thank you!

The meeting will be in the Viewing lounge at the Auditorium on February 12th at 6:00pm. We do want as many people as possible to attend so children are welcome at this meeting but they will have no vote.

Hope to see you there,

Bargaining Committee

January General Membership Meeting.

Thank you to all our members who attended our General Membership Meeting on Tuesday.  We had our biggest turnout in over 2 years. We had 30 members attend. Our Executives were very happy seeing so many new faces at our meeting and hope that you will return monthly. It’s important to have great membership engagement.

We had 2 nominations for the COK Member at large positions – Debra Schiedel and Catherine Valente. Currently there are 2 vacancies. Elections will be held in March. We will not have a Membership Meeting in February, we will be having a special meeting on February 12th to present and vote on our Bargaining Proposal. More information to follow on that.

Our $1000 monthly donation will be going to the KW cancer society.

We also had our first winners of our draws at the meeting last night congratulations to James Hilborn ($200) and Sheryl Rice Menezes ($50) . A motion was put on the floor to change the 2 draws of $200 and $50 to 5 draws of $50 which was adopted for all future GMM meetings this year.


December – General Membership Meeting

The executives want to thank all our members whom attended our December GMM.  We did pass our 2020 budget and had a good discussion regarding job evaluations. Our meeting did go longer than most and we appreciate our members staying for the whole  meeting.

We selected 2 charities for our monthly donation (for November / December) $1000 in toys to Toy Mountain and $1000 towards the  Family Lounge at Grand River Hospital.

We like to wish all our members and families a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Christmas / Holiday Party

Thank you for everyone who attending our Christmas / Holiday party last night at the Sunbridge Hotel. If was our best turnout, over 200 members, retirees, family and friends attending. My fellow Executives appreciate that our members made time in their schedules to celebrate with us and it was great to hear all the  positive comments we received last night for the event.

Thanks again to the Christmas committee – Mona Bauman, Scott Gibson, Aimee Proulx, LynAnn McNulty and Marina Dotzert for all their work throughout the year to make sure our members had a great time.

November – General Membership Meeting

Unfortunately we didn’t have quorum to hold our GMM on Tuesday. Weather was probably a factor. We will be voting on our 2020 Budget at our December GMM so please try to make time to attend.
We didn’t get to pick our November Charity donation so we will be selecting two for December.
We did drop off our October donation to The Foodbank of Waterloo Region, our $1000 will provide local residents 3000 meals. Way to go CUPE791!

October – General Membership Meeting

We held elections at our membership meeting on Tuesday night. Congratulations to Aimee Proulx for being acclaimed for LHIN grievance chair and to Lynann McNulty for being acclaimed for Membership Officer.  We thank both of you for accepting these roles and the responsibilities that come with them.

Siobhan Delaney has stepped down for 4 months from her role as Recording Secretary and a motion was passed by the membership to hold her position with the executive for the duration of her non union temp position that she has accepted.

Thank you to Mona Bauman for stepping in at the meeting and taking over Siobhan duties.

Our $1000 donation this month is going to the Food Bank.

Hope to see everyone at the next GMM on November 12th, we should be presenting our budget for 2021.