September GMM

We had our 1st Zoom GMM on Tuesday Sept 29th. 28 members attended which was great. There were a few technical hiccups but we managed to get through them with a few laughs.
Nominations for our elections did occur at the meeting. Elections were scheduled in June but due to COVID they were delayed. Cupe National did agree to let us postpone them but we now need to have the elections at our October GMM. Nominations can still be made at the meeting before elections begin.
Hope to see everyone there.

In Solidarity,

Mike Eckert

President, CUPE 791

CUPE 791 Reusable Masks

The reusable masks have now arrived that we had ordered. It does appear that the use of masks will continue in the Region and I can attest it’s always handy to have extra ones around.

Starting Tuesday September 8th for City of Kitchener members you can reach out to Marc Hilker at the KOF or Scott Gibson at City Hall to pick up a few. We did order enough for up to 4 for each member for themselves or to share with family.

Since most of our LHIN members are currently working from home we are still figuring out the best way to get masks to those who want them.

Stay safe,

Mike Eckert

President, CUPE 791

CUPE 791 Kitchener Ratification

The Bargaining Committee is happy to announce that our contract has been ratified by the membership. We want to thank everyone who was able to attend the meeting.

We had over 251 members vote on the contract. That by far is the most votes ever casted by Cupe791 membership for ratification.

I do want to remind everyone that until the Corporation ratifies the contract we are not to share details of the contract publicly. That includes your Management. That should happen on September 14th.

In Solidarity,
Mike Eckert 

President, CUPE 791

Ratification Meeting Tonight

Just a reminder To CUPE 791 Kitchener members that we have our online Zoom ratification meeting tonight at 6pm followed by a 24 hr window to place your vote online. A reminder email was sent to all members yesterday.
Hope everyone can attend.  Due to COVID this was a difficult time to negotiate but the Bargaining Committee feels this is a good contract for our members and are happy to be able to present it tonight to the membership.

In Solidarity,

Mike Eckert

President, CUPE 791




As the COVID-19 pandemic continues there does seem to be a turn in the right direction.

As everyone is aware we had to cancel our last 3 general membership meetings. Due to that we did not have our June elections. Now that our Region has moved in to stage 3 of re-opening we are very hopeful we can resume meetings in September and hopefully have our elections in October.  When we can confirm those details we let everyone know.

With the surrounding Regions now having mandatory face mask requirement we are in the process of purchasing reusable masks for our members. When they arrive we will try to figure out how best to get them to our members who would like them.

Again we want to take this time to thank all our members for continuing all their hard work and sometimes thankless work that the members of the public rely on us for.

If COVID-19 had shown us anything is how vitally important PUBLIC SERVICES are to the community.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong,

In Solidarity,
Mike Eckert

President, CUPE 791

COVID-19 Pandemic

A sincere thank you to all our CUPE 791 members from the City of Kitchener and The Waterloo Wellington LHIN for keeping both our work places running during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The commitment to your communities and your professions speaks volumes for our union.

CUPE 791 executives are very proud of our members and know we all will be stronger and more united going through these difficult times.

It may be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever!

Stay safe, stay strong.

In Solidarity,

Mike Eckert

President CUPE 791

April GMM – Cancelled – COVID-19

Hello Everyone,

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 we are making the decision to cancel both our Exec meeting and the GMM for April.

We hope to see everyone at our May GMM where nominations for June elections will take place.

Please stay safe, respect social distancing and make sure to check in on family, friends.

In solidarity,

CUPE 791 Executives

March General Membership Meeting

We had elections last night for 2 Member at Large positions for COK. We would like to congratulate Catherine Valente and Debra Schiedel for being nominated and accepting the positions. It is the 1st time in several years that the COK has a full complement of Executives.

We shared at the meeting that we now have our first dates scheduled for Bargaining, March 24, April 21 and April 22nd.

Our $1000 monthly donation for February is going to Food 4 kids and for March it is going to KW Counselling Services

Thanks again to the 23 members whom attend our meeting. Hope to see everyone again on April 14th for the next GMM.