Labour Canvass TONIGHT in Kitchener

It’s time to start making a better choice

Are you looking forward to retirement, or worrying about ever being able to? After a lifetime of hard work, no one should have to retire in poverty.

With baby boomers about to retire in unprecedented numbers, the federal government is ignoring the looming crisis and insisting Canadians can just fend for themselves.

It’s Time to Expand the CPP. Expanding the CPP provides a simple and effective choice for all workers

In fact, a small increase in Canada Pension Plan contributions could help make things easier. For less than a cup of coffee and a donut a day the average worker could double their CPP benefits at retirement. The CPP benefits everyone. The CPP is effective. The CPP is safe.

Expanding the CPP is the better choice to help today’s workers retire with dignity tomorrow.

Stand with your fellow sisters and brothers this election and commit to making a better choice for Retirement. Watch the Video here

Join us for a Labour Canvass TONIGHT – Oct 6th  WITH clc President Hassan Yussuff at 430 at Unifor Hall 600 Wabanaki Dr, Kitchener and help choose a new government that will expand the Canada Pension Plan. Information for the Labour Canvass can be found at

Take a stand and stand up for change. Make a better choice this election.

In Solidarity,

Darlene Wilson
Waterloo Regional Labour Council · 120 Ottawa St, 203, Kitchener, ON N2H 3K5, Canada