Ratification Vote

I am pleased to announce that after a long, hard fought day, your negotiation team has reached a tentative agreement with the City.

Please come out to one of the meetings on Monday November 27th to hear the presentation and cast your vote.  We will be holding several sessions to accommodate those who can not make the evening meeting due to shift work or other commitments.

First session at the Union office, 120 Ottawa St N. at 11:00 am and then every half hour after that until 2:00 pm.

Last session at 5:30 pm in the viewers lounge at the auditorium.  We will tabulate all votes after that time in hopes of having a new collective agreement.

Many thanks to your negotiation team, Mona Bauman, Danny Pimentel, Marc Hilker, Luanne Geisel, Mike Eckert, Justin Harris and our National Union Rep, Jill Smyth.

Justin Harris

President, CUPE 791