As the COVID-19 pandemic continues there does seem to be a turn in the right direction.

As everyone is aware we had to cancel our last 3 general membership meetings. Due to that we did not have our June elections. Now that our Region has moved in to stage 3 of re-opening we are very hopeful we can resume meetings in September and hopefully have our elections in October.  When we can confirm those details we let everyone know.

With the surrounding Regions now having mandatory face mask requirement we are in the process of purchasing reusable masks for our members. When they arrive we will try to figure out how best to get them to our members who would like them.

Again we want to take this time to thank all our members for continuing all their hard work and sometimes thankless work that the members of the public rely on us for.

If COVID-19 had shown us anything is how vitally important PUBLIC SERVICES are to the community.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong,

In Solidarity,
Mike Eckert

President, CUPE 791